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Putting the "Know" in "Innovation"

Weisberg System Owners, Makes and Models

Bjorner Christensen, Moosmann, Norway

Bjorner Christensen, Puchner, Norway

Sarah Cordish, Schreiber, Jerusalem

Thaddeus Crutcher, Puchner, U.S. Army Field Band

Felicia Foland, 10K Heckel, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

Robert Glassburner, Fox 660, Portugal Symphony Orchestra

Mike Hagburg, Riedl, Bismarck Symphony Orchestra

Allen Hamric, Puchner, Greensboro Symphony Orchestra

Clifford Ian Hayden, Fox 660, Edwardsville Symphony

Leonard Hindel, Fox 660, New York Philharmonic (ret), Faculty NYU, Mannes

Robert Jordan, 5K Heckel, USAF Bands, Faculty SIUE, SIUC, McKendree, SWIC

Robert Jordan, Fox Red Maple 601

Robert Jordan, Fox 601

Robert Jordan, Fox 601

Robert Jordan, Nobel

David Krabill, Fox Model I, Ort Angeles Symphony

Lezlee Mason 6K Heckel, USAF Bands

Dennis Michel,13K Heckel, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Dennis Michel, Fox 601

Max Moon, Fox 240

Richard Murry, 4K Heckel, Montgomery Symphony Orchestra

Richard Murry, Puchner

Richard Ramey, 13K Heckel, Tulsa Symphony Orchestra

Georgia HS student, Fox Model III

Virginia Moore, Schreiber, Pasadena, Freelance bassoonist in California

Scott Oakes, Fox 601, Wichita Symphony Orchestra

Katie Paradise, Fox 601, Freelance bassoonist in Florida

Alexander “Sasha” Plotkin, Fox 601, USAF Bands

Alexander “Sasha” Plotkin, Fox 601

Tiffany Schmidt, Fox 601, Wolf River Chamber Orchestra

Paul Smith, Fox 601, Sacramento Symphonis Winds

Craig Vandewater, Fox 601, The Chesapeake Trio

Lloyd Waller, Fox 201